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Shreen Haywood RVN completed her NVQ in veterinary nursing at MYF Training in Aldershot and became a registered member of the RCVS in 2010. Shreen has been an integral part of The Cat Doctor since day one and in 2017 she completed the ISFM certificate in feline nursing and uses this knowledge every day to ensure that our patients are happy and comfortable.

Aaliyah is cute
Is my cat in pain?

This is my cat Aaliyah, isn’t she cute? Aaliyah eats all her food, goes out into the garden, interacts with my family and chats like there is no tomorrow, she generally seems happy.  Aaliyah has arthritis, and is in a lot of pain when not on her medications. Before we started her medicine, she wasn’t…


That’s the line my husband used when I suddenly realised how fat my cat Aaliyah had actually got. It’s easy not to see the weight piling on when you see your pet every day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. As a veterinary nurse regularly meeting with clients and addressing their cat’s weight issues,…