Happy cats have happy owners!

Our feline patients cannot write about us, so we asked their owners to review our home veterinary service. This is what they said:

Amy Bergs and her nurse Shreen are professional, friendly, knowledgable and compassionate, they are both clearly cat lovers, armed with Feliway and a few treats they gained the trust of my cat Harry and he behaved impeccably

Elaine, with Harry, Lottie and Alice

Amy & Shreen are highly professional, caring, empathetic, and totally dedicated. Not only do they take their time to understand your cat but also explain diagnosis of your pets illness in a way that is easy for people without medical background to understand

Angie and James, with Pushkin

 I love the way you give lots of tickles and I don’t even notice when you give me an injection. You are very cunning and clever and are even happy to examine me when I am snoozing on the floor behind the sofa.

Meg, as translated by her owners Frances and Gillie

We got an evening appointment which was very convenient as both my husband and I could be involved. Amy and Shreen were fantastic at handling the cats and this, along with treatment in our own home, made an enormous difference to them – as well as us. Neither of our cats appeared in the least bit stressed and took everything in their stride. Quite a contrast to the previous stresses of getting them into the car and along to the local vet.

Carol, with Madge and Phil

I can’t say enough good things about Amy and Shreen. I have had them come to my house to care for my 2x cats for vaccinations and eye/ear infections. One of my cats gets stressed easily so this is perfect for him. They are professional, kind and caring to my pets. I wouldn’t use anyone else.

Eileen, with Lilystone and Tyburn

I used this service for the first time this week, as my elderly cat Daisy hates car travel. Amy and her nurse Shreen were a wonderful team – totally professional, whilst also being genuinely caring and sensitive to Daisy’s wariness. Amy was the best vet I have EVER taken my cat to…I cannot praise The Cat Doctor service highly enough…I have recommended them to ALL my cat owning friends!

Andrea, with Daisy

Amy and Shreen are a highly professional and friendly duo who genuinely care about cats and their owners, turn up when they say they will and provide a great service all round. Poppy’s trip to the vet to have her teeth cleaned was hassle free for both of us – Amy and Shreen picked her up in the morning and dropped her back at lunchtime, having phoned up to let me know they were on their way. All I had to do was wait at home! Their after care was great too.

Mags, with Poppy

My dear 19 year old cat took a sudden turn for the worse on a Saturday evening, and we needed a vet urgently. The on call service for our local vets was an unknown vet about 40 minutes drive away; in desperation we Googled ‘Mobile vet Surrey’ and found Amy, The Cat Doctor. She arrived within 25 minutes; she made my cat comfortable with sedation, talked things through carefully and gave us time alone; my cat died peacefully with me cuddling her. It wasn’t just the ability to keep our cat at home that made this terrible time easier, it was Amy’s excellent veterinary skills, good communication – and kindness.I will never be able to go back to using a normal vet! The Cat Doctor is a convenient, flexible and professional service which has really changed the way I look after my cats. Amy has been incredibly kind and has gone out of her way a number of times to keep me informed and make sure my girls are getting the best care possible. Thank you Cat Doctor!

April, with Luna and Stella

I cannot rate Amy highly enough. She came at a difficult time in our lives to put to sleep a much loved and elderly pet. She is aware and sensitive not only to the pet’s needs but also the owners. This was much appreciated.

Ros, with Sam

We would like to thank you for your assistance yesterday morning with Monty. You handled a difficult and sensitive task with professionalism and compassion. We couldn’t have had a better service. It was very important to us and I thank you so much.Outstanding service, professionalism and care. Amy and Shreen were brilliant. Our dear sweet cats had a stress-free examination and we, as owners, were delighted. Thank you!

Garry and Gillian with Bubbles and Squeak

My cat, Oscar, is elderly but in good health although he needed his jab and a nail trim. He hates the cat basket and the travel involved going to the vet so I was delighted to find the cat doctor service online. Amy and Shreen were kind, prompt and punctual, gave an excellent service, explained everything clearly and I will use them whenever I need care for my cat. I am very happy to recommend them.

Julie, with Oscar

Thanks Amy for taking such great care of Clementine during her recent dental. So much more stress free than it would normally be. She was picked up from home, I got a text when it was all done, we discussed the pain relief options and she was followed up daily by text.

Claire, with Clementine, Solomon and Oberon

Thankfully it was just a small issue with my Cat but the service was superb. After googling for a home visit vet, I came across ‘the Cat Doctor’ and Amy and Shreen arrived soon after. They were both courteous and friendly and gave a very professional service dealing with the issue very quickly. The fees were very reasonable and its very comforting to know they are available in the future.

Jim, with Minnie

Having visited lots of vets in the Surrey area in the last 8yrs we can honestly say this is the best service we have ever received and if we get another cat we’ll be back. I definitely would recommend The Cat Doctor, it really is worth spending the extra for a mobile specialised service this good!

Angie and James, with Pushkin

Amy and Shreen provide the kind of veterinary care for my cats that I thought you could only dream of. Whether the problem is serious or not so serious the care is second to none, with the minimal amount of stress to both cat and owner. I would always have thought that the cost of high quality at home care was prohibitive but that is simply not the case and I’m hoping that the need to take a stressful visit to the vet with a yowling cat is a thing of the past. Already The Cat Doctor has seen us through some tough ties with very happy outcomes and I cannot recommend highly enough.

Claire, with Clementine, Solomon and Oberon

What a great service! Not having to put the cats in a carrier meant no chasing around the kitchen, no howling in the car and no sulking on release. In fact the whole experience was far less stressful than a usual visit to the vet’s. Amy and Shreen are charming and the cats thought so too!

Alex, with Kujo and Moose

Amy took the time to talk us through the examinations and discuss treatment options carefully. We did not feel rushed at all – and had plenty of opportunity to ask questions and discuss what was going on.

Carol, with Madge and Phil

Thanks for coming over this week to do your Vet stuff on our two brutes, they thoroughly enjoyed the lack of car-journey and associated friction that they usually get. Also your suggestions on diet and possible brands of food for them was much appreciated.

Sandy, with Roxy and Archie

Amy provides a fantastic service and we would definitely recommend The Cat Doctor very highly. Their fees are extremely reasonable, and the whole experience is far less stressful for the cat.The quality of treatment and the service provided is outstanding, it is very convenient, and it will undoubtedly be the kinder option to treat our cats at home – particularly as they age.

Carol, with Madge and Phil

Amy and Shreen were marvellous taking time to try and relax my rather nervous cat. Very professional service and so much better than putting Pudsey into his carrier and taking a really upset cat to the Vet surgery. Highly recommend The Cat Doctor.

Jenny, with Pudsey