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'Please note – we are a GP practice with limited opening hours. As a result, we request that all clients be dual-registered with a local clinic for urgent care, although we hope you will never need to use them! In most cases, this simply means staying registered with your current practice, but not all clinics are happy to share care so if your clinic is not ok with this, or for more information, please visit our Emergencies page. If you aren't sure where you will register, or have any questions about registering with a local clinic for urgent care, just let us know this in the box above and we will get in touch to discuss your options.

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Good communication between vet and owner is vital to your cat’s health. We are always happy to hear from you in whatever way you prefer, be it by phone, text, email or post. And we like to keep in touch, so you may hear from us by any of these methods as well, particularly when it comes to reminders or an appointment you have booked. We may also occasionally send out a short practice newsletter with information about cat health and any important changes to The Cat Doctor’s service. We think you’ll find it useful, but if you’d rather not receive it, feel free to unsubscribe at any time. For more information, please see our website.

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