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Thor has acupuncture
Introducing Acupuncture

Having seen the wonderful benefits of acupuncture in many of my furry patients, including my beloved cat Oscar, I was always very keen to train in this skill myself. So when Amy and Robert shared my interest and agreed for me to go on an acupuncture course I was very excited!! In November 2018 I…

A Forever Home for Lulu

We recently had the great pleasure of meeting Lulu, a very sweet 12 year-old tortoiseshell girl. Life was good for Lulu until sadly her owner passed away and for the past several months, she had been living alone in an empty house. No prior arrangements had been made for her care so when her owner…

Older cat
Caring for an Older Cat

This week we travelled to Esher to visit Sammy, a lovely 18 year old cat. Sammy’s owner thought he was ‘slowing down’ in his old age and wanted us to make sure there were no underlying health problems. His owner had had him since he was a kitten and in her eyes he hadn’t aged…