Feline Life Stages

Just like humans, cats go through various life stages and their needs can change dramatically as they age. You wouldn’t expect the same of a toddler as you would a teenager, nor of your elderly grandmother as your mother. Comparing your cat’s age to what they would be if they were human is a great start when it comes to understanding their needs. Check out the chart below – you may be surprised by the answer!

This fantastic chart is courtesy of iCatCare, visit www.catcare4life.org for more information

How old is my cat?

One of the most important things that we as cat owners can do is to appreciate and understand how our cats develop and grow throughout their lives. How can we tell what is ‘normal’ ageing vs. a sign of discomfort or illness? This guide will help explain what you need to know to keep your cat happy and healthy no matter their age. Using the chart above, find out your cat’s age category and click on the relevant link below to learn more about your cat’s needs at their specific stage in life: