General Health Information

This is a collection of some of the best feline health resources on the Internet today so if you are looking for more information about a particular disease or condition that isn’t listed on our site, chances are you can find it here.

  • International Cat Care (ICC) — formerly known as the Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB), this is the number one resource for feline health information for cat owners, breeders, and veterinary professionals alike. They provide information sheets about various diseases as well as general information about getting and caring for a cat. If you have an interest in feline health, we highly recommend you check them out and possibly even become a member. We are!
  • Cat — set up by a group of feline specialists, this website has loads of information about many different feline diseases, including whole books written for owners of cats with these ailments. They also have some articles and videos about giving your cat medication in their free downloads section. A highly recommended resource and well worth a visit.
  • Cornell University Feline Health — one of the top feline resources from the States (and also Amy’s alma mater…), they have a wonderful collection of handy guides including videos to show you exactly how to do useful things like give your cat a pill or administer subcutaneous fluids at home. They sometimes do things differently in America, and it’s often helpful to look at things from a different perspective so we highly recommend this trusted resource.
  • Cats — a fantastic charitable organisation for cats, their website is a great resource for all things cat, from health problems to general care.
  • — They have a useful symptom checker to help you decide if your pet needs to see the vet, as well as pet care advice and an informative blog (to which our vet Amy is a frequent contributor).