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Amy Bergs DVM MRCVS graduated from Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 2006. Her academic interests lie in feline internal medicine and she has a soft spot for older cats. In 2013 she started The Cat Doctor, a feline-only mobile veterinary practice in Surrey and South West London.

Older cat
Caring for an Older Cat

This week we travelled to Esher to visit Sammy, a lovely 18 year old cat. Sammy’s owner thought he was ‘slowing down’ in his old age and wanted us to make sure there were no underlying health problems. His owner had had him since he was a kitten and in her eyes he hadn’t aged…

Cat scratching

“That can’t possibly be flea dirt” I thought to myself as I walked past my cat Molly’s bed, “I’m the vet, my cat can’t have fleas!” A wave of embarrassment washed over me as I realised that yes, my own cat had fleas. I had forgotten to apply her monthly flea preventative for the past…